A Pooch-first kind of lifestyle

The Barker Social Club

The first wellness platform powering community for dogs and their humans.

“Our mission is to connect the dots between daily exercise, vet care, grooming and diet; making holistic health and wellness more visible and accessible for our members.”

Barker - Holistic Dog Wellness

The grass is greener on the inside.

Barker’s dedicated parks are designed with dogs in mind first. Boasting all of the amenities they need to socialize off-leash, with the comfort and perks you love.

Barker - Holistic Dog Wellness

Manage everything in one place...

Easily manage your dog’s daily health and wellness on our membership app.

We provide you with a personalized and transparent view into your dogs holistic health and wellness. No more generalized diet plans, missing records or guess-timations of activity levels.

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